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Cleo Valentine

I am a researcher and systems designer based at the University of Cambridge  specializing in architectural neurophysiology and bioethics. 

My work explores the impact of architectural forms on neuroimmunological activity, with a particular focus on the relationship between neuroinflammation and the built environment.  This research aims to uncover new insights that can inform architectural practices to promote better health outcomes. 

Currently, I am conducting research in partnership with Heatherwick Studio, am an affiliated researcher at the University College London Spatial Cognition Lab and lecture on neuroscience and architecture at the Politecnico di Milano.

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Valentine (2023)
Architectural Allostatic Overloading: Exploring a Connection between Architectural Form and Allostatic Overloading

Valentine (2023)
Health Implications of Virtual Architecture: An Interdisciplinary Exploration of the Transferability of Findings from Neuroarchitecture

Valentine (2024)
The Impact of Architectural Form on Physiological Stress: A Systematic Review

Valentine, Mitcheltree, Steffert & Steemers (2024)
DOI: 10.3390/buildings14051292
Architectural Neuroimmunology: A Pilot Study Examining the Impact of Biophilic Architectural Design on Neuroinflammation

Valentine & Mitcheltree (2024)
Publication forthcoming
Architecture and Bioethics: Investigating Ethical Implications of Recent Advances in the Field of Neuroarchitecture

Valentine, Hosking & Wilkins (2024)
Publication forthcoming
Examining the Impact of Visual Complexity in Architectural Facades on Neurophysiology

Valentine, Mitcheltree, Sunikka-Blank, Hosking & Wilkins (2024)
Publication forthcoming
Investigating Visual Stress Within Domestic and Family Violence Refuges and its Role as a Potential Environmental Trigger for Those Experiencing PTSD


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UCL & Royal Society of Medicine

International Conference on Urban Experience and Design
Tufts University

Architecture and Spaces of Healing
University of Cambridge

SFERA 2020: Biourbanism Conference
Sfera Institute


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Cleo is a Vice Chancellor's Doctoral Scholar at the University of Cambridge. Her research, conducted under joint supervision from the Department of Architecture and the Computational Neuroscience Group, focuses on examining the impact of visual exposure to architectural forms on allostatic activity and neuroinflammatory responses. In doing so, this research aims to establish the emerging field of architectural neuroimmunology. 
Cleo has presented her work for industry clients including Heatherwick Studio, Foster+Partners, and Hawkins\Brown and has delivered lectures on neuroarchitecture and architectural neuroimmunology at Harvard University Graduate School of Design, the University of Cambridge, the Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture and the London School of Architecture. She has held positions as the Neuroaesthetics Fellow at The Centre for Conscious Design and as a guest tutor at the Royal College of Art and the Architecture Association in London.

Cleo holds an MPhil in Architecture and Urban Studies from the University of Cambridge, an MSc in Sustainable Urban Development from the University of Oxford, and a Bachelor’s in Urban Systems and Economics from McGill University and the University of Copenhagen.


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